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Tips On How To Start A Blog Site That Really Tends To Make Income- For Beginners

Tips on how to Start a Blog site that really Tends to make income- For Beginners

It will likely be among the best choice of your life that you want to start out your blog. I can tell you a range of benefits of creating a blog.

20 years back, you had no identity in case you was without an email address. 5 years back this became mandatory to have a Facebook or Twitter account.

Within just the next Five years, your blog will become your own identity.

However, that’s not really the main reason I want to convince you to definitely start up a blog now.

Today, I’m going to explain to you steps to start your weblog in easy steps.

However, before I explain to you those simple steps, I would like to clear some of your most typical questions.

Why you should never start out with a Free Weblog?

If you are in stress and confusion or been told by somewhere that creating a blog is actually free, then I will take just a few moments of yours to spell out to you it’s really not.

There are sites like Blogger, Wix,, as well as others that give you a free weblog but a totally free blog has numerous restrictions.

  • Your blog site will probably be hosted on a subdomain such as or which become lengthy and hard to read however, not short and easy like
  • Your clients, your advertisers and even more importantly your visitors do not take you seriously.
  • There are many restrictions to design & monetize your free blog site.
  • All your content tend to be eventually controlled through the free blogging platform. You can’t do just about anything if they delete your articles or perhaps free blog site.

These are the basic issues with a free blogging platform such as Blogger, Wix and even WordPress blog and so on.

Additionally, I know many blog writers who began from the free platform, when they desired to shift from free to the paid platform (once they got some result), and how cumbersome it was to move.

And not just the particular moving problem, they also lost the audience, traffic as well as revenue in transferring from Free to their self-hosted Blog.

So, I recommend you a paid blog site with WordPress site which has a really reliable web host.

Additionally, it does not cost more than approx. $42 for a year.

It’s time to start out your blog…

Steps How to start a blog

Listed here are the 6 simple steps that may help you in starting a blog site.

  1. Pick a Blogging Service
  2. How to Pick a Website Name
  3. Select Host for Your Blog
  4. Build Your Blog Site
  5. Design Your Blog
  6. Start Making Money with Your Blog

Picking a Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms like WordPress blog, Blogger, TypePad, Wix, Joomla, Drupal and so on. However, is the most important blogging platform from the last few years because of many good reasons.

90% of all of the sites in the world including my blogs Digitalwebtrendz uses WordPress. This itself is actually the reason to decide on WordPress for your own blog.

Let’s check out more reasons why:

  • It’s Free
  • Making a blog utilizing WordPress is very easy.
  • You are able to design almost any type of web site by making use of 5000 free and paid WordPress themes or templates.
  • It offers 50,000 totally free plugins which make your blog site very fast & efficient.
  • You can find assistance on any kind of issue on WordPress Community forum or other blogs.

Here I am talking about and not free blogging platform is usually a software program and it is free. You need to purchase a domain and hosting for using this particular WordPress. org platform.

How to Select a Domain Name

Choose your domain name wisely.

Choose a domain name in such a way that individuals can easily understand the particular topic of your blog through the actual name itself.

If you would like to start out a cooking blog site, then the name must be related to cooking food, in the event that a sports blog site then something associated to the sport, if it’s associated to technology then some tech-related name.

Like email address, it’s difficult to obtain a domain of your choice, so you need to prepare a list and then check out the availability.

From the available domains, you can finalize the ideal.

You can easily find many domain extensions other ‘.com’. The majority of of the other common domain extensions are .org, .net,,, .info and many others. You can check all at the time of domain purchasing.

Select Host for Your Blog site

As I told you, is nothing but software. You can’t create your blog using only software. You need a web hosting space where you could install WordPress software.

Exactly like you require space inside your mobile as well as Computer to store and see your own data files, photos, as well as video clips, you’ll need website hosting to keep the content of your blog site, images, and video clips.

You need to buy a web hosting service in order to use your personal domain name and also to make it accessible to the world.

One of the most efficient hostings I found is from Ipage Hosting

Perhaps and other top bloggers suggest, which provides Unlimited storage, Free Domain Name, Free SSL, Free and Easy migration along 30 days money-back guarantee.

Set up Your Blog Site

Just visit, and you will find display screen something similar to this kind of.

ipage hosting

Simply click “Get Started Now” After this, you visit the page to choose for a FREE domain name, a screen like below.
domain search
Once you get the availability of the domain name you desire, you need to choose the hosting term, like this, click on the Next choose my term.

choose domain term

After clicking on the Next, choose my term screen will show like below:

ipage hosting term

You can choose any term plan either for 1, 2 or 3 years, but 3 years plan will cost you very cheap at $1.99/Mo, its totally depend on your budget. After this click on Next, customize my plan.

web hosting

Now the page will show you something like above screen current total amt. is showing $101.80, you can uncheck the ticks in the circles, these are the extra features if you want to take from ipage, after removing the ticks again the price will come down the previous one, for an instance, I picked 1-year term and the final amount is showing @35.88 + Tax

web hosting payment

Click on the continue to the payment button and page will re-directed to the billing page, fill all the details and click on purchase.

web hosting billing

Note: Currently ipage is accepting payment only from credit card and debit cards which are internationally accepted also accepting payment from Paypal account, be sure your cards must be enabled for international payment, or you can contact your bank to do so.

After this, you will re-directed to the page for creating the control panel password or you might get hosting details in your email, you need to verify your mail and login to the control panel of the ipage.

Installation of WordPress in the blog site

To install WordPress on your site you can take the help of the ipage live chat, they have the best live support I have ever seen, just go to the home page of and click on the Live Chat button on the top window will appear like

ipage help

Fill your name and domain name then click on the next button a window will appear like below

ipage support help

Fill in the Topic field like “Technical assistance”, description “Domain issue” problem “wordpress installation click on find help window will appear like below:

ipage chat button

Few articles will appear for your help, but you just click on START CHAT button, their support executive will join you in 1-5 seconds and tell them to install WordPress, they will help you in the whole process.

Once WordPress will get installed in your site you will get a link like (replace YourDomain with your domain name)

wordpress login

Enter the username and password which was created by you or provided by ipage support executive.

Install a theme and necessary plugin after login into your blog site

You need to install or change your theme when you begin your blog. There are thousands of free & paid themes given by thousands of developers. A theme can change the overall design and style of your blog.

Listed here are the methods if you wish to earn money after making your blog.

1. Publish on a Regular Basis
You have to publish articles on a regular basis after starting your blog. Your site content needs to have excellent research and unique concepts where individuals could possibly get something totally new. Individuals like and share such content.
More quality
content means the traffic you will get.

2. Promote your blog
This is actually the most essential step to get the visitors on your blog site. Making money without having visitors is tough. It will take time to get traffic on your blog site.

There are lots of steps you can take to get site visitors on your blog site.

1. Learn SEO and put into action on-page & off-page SEO strategies on your blog site. By doing this you will get great traffic from Search engines.

2. Share your articles on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

3. Write comments and guest posts on other websites.

4. Create video clips and upload on YouTube and other video sharing websites

Monetize your website

This is the ultimate purpose of each and every blogger after starting a blog. There is a number of ways to earn money from a blog but I won’t suggest many.

I am going to keep it simple and recommend you just the best way as a beginner.

You can make money with Google AdSense

Sign up with AdSense (try only after you have some traffic on your blog). Google displays advertisements on your blog site similar to you see on this blog. When a website visitor clicks any ads, Google pays you.

Don’t look for some other methods right now because you will get confused and focus more on earning money instead of making your website profitable.

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